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eduroam for your institution

Why do you need eduroam?

With research teams and students becoming ever more mobile, the need to provide visitors with secure access to Wi-Fi can cause large administrative headaches. Resources must be allocated to providing and supporting temporary accounts or institutions must rely on extremely unsecure open networks.

New Opportunities

With eduroam, your campus becomes a more attractive venue for meetings and conferences, as it allows participants to access the network without assistance, and without tying up your facilities.

By connecting to eduroam you provide your researchers, staff and students with access to thousands of participating hotspots world-wide when they are travelling either in your country or globally.

For more information on eduroam on campus visit the eduroam wiki

What are the benefits of eduroam to institutions?

The cost of implementing and maintaining eduroam is modest.

The service results in significant cost savings through reduced IT department workload:

  • eduroam provides a single solution that accommodates all the mobile connectivity requirements of an institution - supporting local users connecting to the local network, visitors connecting to the local network and local users connecting to other participating networks.
  • eduroam removes the need to supply temporary accounts to visiting users, so reducing the administrative and support burden imposed by the ever-growing movement of students and researchers between institutions and countries.
  • Because visiting students, staff and researchers use their eduroam 'home' credentials to access Wi-Fi services on campus, they have a quick, easy and secure way to get online without campus IT support. The secure login system means that passwords are kept private at all times and visiting staff can be allocated to a separate VLAN to keep traffic isolated. However, in eduroam a misbehaving user can always be identified with the help of their home institution.

eduroam Managed IdP - Making eduroam easy

eduroam Managed IdP can help you get your users access to eduroam quickly and easily. Find out More

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